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Using “Forgotten” Myspace And Youtube In Promotion


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Introducing … Using “Forgotten” Myspace And Youtube In Promotion …

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You may have heard of these two, very unique types of websites.

They do what many other social networking websites do: they help people to connect with each other. With that thought in mind, keep in mind that as an Internet marketer, part of your job is to locate those who will buy from you, regardless of what they are buying. You need to be socially network with people available on every front to get the amount of traffic to your blog or people to your website to make your profit goals.

YouTube and MySpace are two locations you can and should make part of your promotion methods. When you do so, you will end up finding a variety of unique opportunities presenting themselves. Plus, these two websites are free to use, which means you are getting potential consumers without having to pay sizably for them.


YouTube is a website where anyone who registers for the website is able to post videos. These videos can be anything from simple, home made films to full length marketing promotion. What makes YouTube unique is that you can use it for virtually any message you may have. Teens use it to make fun videos while some of today’s top business owners are using it to help educate people on products and services offered.

The key to using YouTube is to work to develop a strong following of people who want to see what you have to say. Like many of the other websites offering social networking, the only successful YouTube users are those that have the ability to create a strong following that is interested in learning more about what they have to say and offer. Do this, and any message you have can easily be displayed here.

With YouTube, the draw is video. Use video in even the simplest of forms to get your message out.


MySpace is a bit different. It too is an online social networking website where individuals can come and talk and learn about each other. This is an interactive network where people come to meet others. You friend each other, reading about others and sharing thoughts, ideas and information. Photos are often used to help individuals to communicate with each other and music, videos and every other type of media can be used at MySpace.

MySpace was once one of the social networking websites that were specifically popular amount teens. After all, teens used it to communicate and interact with each other. Over time, though, more people started using it. So many people have used it that it is now one of the best tools for social networking available today.

With millions of visitors a month, there is little doubt that MySpace should be a location you frequent often. Here, you have people from around the world coming to learn something or to find someone to get to know, to read about, and even to work with. It is an ideal location for an Internet marketer because of the leverage it offers.

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